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  Pastor Mark Carter-Pierce was born in Newark, NJ during October, 1962. The last thing he ever expected to be was called as a leader of God's people. In 1994 he joined Mission Deliverance Center in Jersey City, NJ under the late Overseer Bishop Ernest D. Laval and Pastor Diane Laval. They saw that he had a gift, and made him a "Walking Deacon", making him responsible for the counting and security of financial offerings. They also saw that he had a gift for understanding scripture and explaining it, and began to allow him to teach Bible Study.


  But our Pastor still had a foot in the streets, and was not ready to accept the position God placed on his life. In 2004, at one of the lowest moments in his life, God made Pastor Carter-Pierce turn and look in the mirror and spoke to his heart, saying, "I did not create you to be this!" Not too long after, a Gideon gave him a pocket sized New Testament, and he looked up the topic "faith". It took him to Hebrews 11: 1, "Now faith is the some of his congregation for "of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." This struck a chord in Pastor's heart. Later that same day, he was given a "Daily Bread" devotional, and the scripture for that day was...Hebrews 11: 1! Realizing at that moment that it was beyond coincidence, Pastor Carter-Pierce gave his life over to God.


  In October, 2006, God gave Pastor Carter-Pierce his vision of ministry. In an encounter that could not be described in words, Pastor knew what God wanted of him and the direction to take. On that day, All Christ's Love Ministries was born. Where did that name come from? Pastor Carter-Pierce says, 'If Christ isn't in it, then it just isn't right. God is Love, and as He puts His all in it, so should we!" Pastor prayed for the wisdom of Solomon to lead the church, and God made a way for him to matriculate thru Ames Bible College where he excelled in Spiritual exigy. After testing with the Harvestime Institute, he earned his Doctorate of Divinity.


  God had blessed Pastor with a home in Newark, NJ, and in February of 2011 All Christ's Love Ministries held its first worship service and held bible studiers on Wednesday Nights. Every Saturday, he visited the New Grove Manner Nursing Home with  some of his congregation for "Discipleship Training", praying with and preaching to the staff and residents. Between 2004 and 2013, Pastor Carter-Pierce hadf performed over 4,000 hours of volunteer work, and was nominated by Chaplain Betty Bradley of Operation Neo Fight for the President's Call to Service Award. In April of 2013 Pastor was presented the President's Call to Service Award for lifetime achievement. He is now one of the "1,000 points of light" of which the late President George H. W. Bush spoke of.